How It Works

Welcome to the Shipbroker Portal

The portal provides shipbrokers with instant access to useful web resources and online tools, to help you respond even more quickly to your clients’ needs.


The Shipbroker portal consists of a selection of ‘gadgets’ (also known as ‘widgets’).  These are interactive mini-applications, groups of links to related websites, or RSS feeds.  You can select which gadgets appear on your personal home page, as well as adding your own gadgets.


You can also choose the layout, colours and titles of your gadgets, to make sure your home page is tailored especially for you.



In order to customize the Shipbroker Portal to suit your needs, you’ll need to register:


NB – if you are using a shared computer, please remember to click on Log Out before you close down your computer, or other users will be able to access your information.


Editing My Details

Please make sure you update your registration details whenever they change:


Changing the title and colours of gadgets

Changing the layout of gadgets

Selecting / removing gadgets

To remove a gadget, click on the remove link next to the gadget listing.  You can also remove gadgets from your home page by clicking the cross at the top right of each gadget box.


At the top left of the add/edit gadget page, you’ll see links to the different types of gadgets available, eg News, Tools, Weather.  To select new gadgets from these lists, click on the Add this to my home page link next to the gadget listing.


Adding your own gadgets

As well as selecting gadgets from our extensive lists, you can also add your own.


Types of gadget


You’ll need the URL of the page you’d like to link to
Click on [+] add another to add another link to this gadget


RSS feeds

You’ll need the RSS URL (this usually end .xml)
Set the number of news stories you’d like to appear on your home page



These are usually mini-applications (eg Google gadgets)
You’ll need the HTML code of the gadget
NB – if hyperlinks are automatically added when you paste in the code, make sure you remove these before saving using the Remove Link button at the top right of the HTML content box



Select the time zone you’d like to show on your home page
Click on [+] add another to display more than one time zone



Select the city whose forecast you’d like to show on your home page
Click on [+] add another to display more than one city’s forecast


Any problems? If you are having problems using the Shipbroker Portal, first try deleting your cookies.  If this does not solve your problem, please contact us at (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm).  We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours.